TINS 332 - Special Topics in Translation: EU Texts

Instructor: Dr. Gulden TANER

This course aims to prepare translators for translating EU-related texts. For this aim, the history of the European Union and its institutions will be presented in order to develop awareness about the EU as an international body. By working on the functioning of its institutions and their roles, students’ will be familiarized with the documents they might encounter. In addition to these, with references to Turkey-EU relations, the course will introduce the terminology used in the EU documents that are frequently translated in Turkey. The practice materials will be various kinds of EU texts to be translated in-class or as assignments. 

The aims of the course listed in the course catalogue[1] are as follows:

*  Analyzing textual conventions of various EU texts.
*  Learning terms in the EU Context.
*  Emphasis on the history: Turkey-EU relations.
*  Developing awareness about the EU, its institutions and their functioning.

[1] http://mtb.cankaya.edu.tr/ders-icerikleri